Monday, January 28, 2019

Half-Jewish NY Times writer rejects Christmas trees

My readers may doubt that the NY Times is a Jewish newspaper, but consider this strange essay by a woman describing expunging Christianity from her life:
me being genetically half-Jewish ...

I didn’t leave Christianity formally as much as I drifted away from it. ...

I dated only Jews from age 16 on. In therapy years later, I recognized that this might have been because I wanted to meet a nice Jewish boy not unlike my father. ...

I’m now with someone who comes from an observant Jewish family. It is alluring to take on his religious identity as my own, and if someone asks if I’m Jewish, I say “yes” instead of “half.” ...

When the time comes, my partner and I will raise our children Jewish. My partner prefers not to have a Christmas tree in our home.
Note that she readily says she is "half-Jewish", but never that she is half-Christian. It is not clear that she even associates religion with beliefs. She plans to have kids with a man, but does not call him her husband, but her "partner" and also as being "now with someone", as if she might be with another man next week.

Being Jewish is genetically determined, and somehow becomes more serious if the family is "observant". Nobody cares if these Jews believe in God or anything else. It is a genetically determinied identity that is symbolized by observing Jewish customs and banishing the Christmas tree.

It is also understood that Jews are plagued with neuroses about their identity and parental relations, and that they require psycho-therapy all their lives.

To Jews, this story is heart-warming because the woman describes being rescued from Christian beliefs, and brainwashed to adopt Jewish customs, neuroses, and rejection of Christianity.

I am not posting this as criticism. I have no interest in this woman's weirdo daddy issues and how they lead her to propagate anti-Christian ideologies. I am just pointing out that this sort of thinking dominates the mainstream news media.

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