Saturday, January 05, 2019

Disney is now synonymous with hate

Matt Miller writes in Esquire mag:
a loud section of Star Wars fans, have tragically become synonymous with hate, bigotry, and pervasive assholeness in 2018. From various sinister online campaigns, to racist and misogynistic attacks on actors, to bafflingly stupid takes and interpretations of the film, The Last Jedi inspired the worst impulses of a far-right movement that’s taking hold of the internet and extending its influence into the real world.

The hate began almost immediately after the Last Jedi hit theaters to positive reviews from critics. Days after the movie was released, Rotten Tomatoes was swarmed with negative reviews marking the biggest disparity between fans and critics in the history of the franchise. As of this week, the film has a 91 percent from critics and a 45 percent from fans. ...

"We are tired of being spat on, told that the franchise we so adore is not for us anymore, and of our favorite characters being mistreated by the directors of the new movies. We call upon @Disney for change." ...

It’s fascinating that, as Disney has begun to course-correct Star Wars, it seems that J.J. Abrams is charged by the powers that be with getting both fans and critics excited about Episode 9. And what’s concerning about this is who the people pulling the strings might be listening to. ...

These “trolls” are the anonymous, despicable beating heart of America. They are holding up a mirror to our society. They are insuring that the worst of us have a voice to incite real change. They elected an amoral, racist golden toilet for a president. And that same sickness has bled into something once as harmless as a children’s space movie.

If the moral Star Wars fans — the ones who applaud these films for better representing the people, ideas, and goodness around us — stay silent, well, then the trolls control the narrative. This was a year where the trolls won.
So the fans hated the three Disney Star Wars movies, and this critic is upset that Disney might be listening to the fans?!

I only saw the first Disney Star Wars movie, and hated it. The next two are supposed to be much worse. Disney has been taken over by lizard people who are trying to brainwash us.

You know that something is wrong when the critics love the movies, and the fans hate them. There is also something wrong with the movie critic cannot resist attacking President Trump, and the 60M voters who elected him.

Miller even goes so far as to say that "moral Star Wars fans" should speak up in favor of the hated movies! Disney and the critics are trying to impose a moral order on us, whether we like it or not, and it is not a Christian moral order. It is a sick Cultural Marxist moral order that seeks to exterminate white Christian straight men. Disney, Hollywood, and Hollywood groupies have fallen to the Dark Side.

Maybe the surest way to identify these lizard ppl is to bring up the subject of Donald Trump. You can figure that someone is a bigot if you mention Barack Obama and suddenly spouts some racial slurs, and you can similarly deduce that he is a bigot if the mention of Trump causes him to spout "amoral, racist golden toilet" or something like that.

A new Moslem Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was just sworn in, and she immediately went into rant calling Trump obscenities and vowing to impeach him. It will be interesting to see what kind of press she gets, as she wants to exterminate the Jews also. My guess is that they will celebrate her Trump hatred, as if she were a courageous spokeswoman for a moral cause.

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