Thursday, January 24, 2019

NY Times has token cuckservative

Since I cite the NY Times as a Jewish newspaper, I should mention that some Jews complain that it is too anti-Israel:
The New York Times is rapidly becoming an anti-Israel paper. For every Bari Weiss op-ed (and there’s a good one today), there are several anti-Israeli articles, often filled with lies and misconceptions, like the piece below that appeared Friday.
There is some truth to this. The paper is run by American secular leftist Jews for a subscriber base that is largely American secular leftist Jews. So it often differs from Israel, as Israel also has a lot of conservative Jews. In particular, American secular leftist Jews do not really agree with Left Bank settlement policies. The NY Times exists to appease its subscriber base in the USA.

Israeli Jews have enough other groups to hate, and don't focus on white Christians as American Jews do.

The NY Times pretends to have some diverse opinions, such as having a couple of token conservative columnists. Here is one who identifies as Catholic, and not Jewish:
“Don’t let your Catholic school’s students wear MAGA hats on a field trip for the March for Life,” The New York Times columnist Ross Douthat wrote on Twitter.
He explains in his column:
Also, it’s dumb to wear MAGA caps to a march against abortion; to lots of people they’re a symbol of white-identity politics and a justifiably unpopular president, and the adults from their Catholic school should …
Obviously this is a cuckservative who is paid to please his Jewish masters.

I just had to listen to MLK celebrations complaining about how terrible it was that blacks sometimes had to ride in the back of the bus. Now Douthat is saying white kids in a political march cannot wear hats endorsing the President's policies. That is like saying that black kids in a political march during the Obama administration should not be allowed to wear "Hope & Change" hats.

I am not sure who is more contemptible. The Jews working for White Genocide, or the cuckservatives who readily comply with whatever the Jews want.

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