Monday, August 27, 2018

Warranted skepticism about South Africa

The Atlantic mag writes:
Despite the many graver human-rights problems plaguing Africa, Trump has somehow seized upon one affecting white people. Yes, there are legitimate critiques of the ruling African National Congress’s (ANC) recent decision to support the expropriation of white-owned farmland without compensation. ...

But in the 1980s, conservative Republicans expressed unwarranted sympathy for South Africa’s white government and unwarranted skepticism of its black opponents. Today, Trump is expressing unwarranted skepticism of its black government and unwarranted sympathy for its white opponents.
In today's leftist groupthink media, you are not allowed to take the side of whites on an issue. Maybe you can acknowledge some "legitimate critique" of non-whites written by a non-white, but that's about all.

Of course it is bad to seize the farms of white people, just to give them to blacks.

The skepticism of South Africa's black politicians turned out to be entirely warranted. They have ruined the country, just as predicted. The country is on a path to becoming like Rhodesia (aka Zimbabwe), where murdering white farmers is allowed.

Has replacing a white government with a non-white govt ever worked out well? One South African city cannot even supply its citizens with water.

Sure, there are probably other African cities with worse water problems. But South Africa used to be a civilized country, aligned with the West.

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