Friday, August 17, 2018

More identity politics at the NY Times

The NY Times is back to attacking white Christian males. It has lots of articles attacking Catholics, even tho none of the current allegations are likely to be criminal.

In fairness, the paper has published a lot of MeToo movement stories, which have mainly targeted Jewish male sexual practices. I guess feminist man-bashing is more important.

There are opinions promoting identity politics.

Article defending Israel's new law making Jewish supremacy official there.

Then there is this weird article about how black boys worry that they might go into a white neighborhood, and get called out for selling water without a license. They also worry that they might get robbed or beaten up in black neighborhoods, but the article does not mention that.

It also says that black girls have no fear at all in white neighborhoods. On the other hand, most white girls do not go into black neighborhoods at all. A white girl going in a black neighborhood has a thousand times greater chance of being raped than a black girl going in a white neighborhood. Or maybe a million times. I have never even heard of a black girl being raped for wandering into a white neighborhood. The NY Times refuses to tell us comparative crime data like that.

Update: I didn't even mention the wacky white guilt letter. Even if the letter is a hoax, it shows the editors believe in white guilt.

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