Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Negative news for Catholic Church today

Some of my readers complain that I criticize Jews too much, and that I should criticize the Catholics now that there is a grand jury report on homosexual Catholic priests. Maybe so, but there are some differences.

I criticize Moslems much more harshly than Jews. There are now about as many Moslems as Jews in the USA, but Jews have contributed about a million times more.

The Catholics don't go around telling me what I can say or do. The Catholics did not censor Alex Jones. The Catholics are against the death penalty, but do not actively try to pass laws to abolish it.

The Catholics do not openly condone or promote homosexual behavior, or statutory rape.

If Pennsylvania priests committed crimes, then I am all in favor of prosecuting them. But these allegations are decades old, and there does not appear to be any way to substantiate them.

There will be attempts, probably by Jewish lawyers, to make today's Catholic parishioners pay millions of dollars for alleged crimes from decades ago. The effort will be supported by the Jewish press. Supposed victims will suddenly have recovered memories about alleged abuse. Why pay? Public schools do not pay millions of dollars every time a schoolteacher seduces a high school kid.

Some will say that the large number of allegations makes the Church guilty. I don't see it that way. That only shows that some sharks are smelling blood. I will be looking to count the number of contemporaneous criminal complaints. That is the more telling number.

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Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church supports immigration into the US.