Monday, December 05, 2016


The Hawaiian Libertarian writes:
The more you "take the red pill" and see how far the rabbit hole goes, the higher up you climb the allegorical pyramid of "illuminated" knowledge that enables you to literally and metaphysically SEE the satanic paradigm that rules this world. ...

Most of the poisonous fruits that will destroy us, are hidden in plain site and we are too blinded to see, because we've been imbibing of these fruits of deceit and deception for our entire lives. ...

This of course, is the sick, twisted stuff of nightmares that finally got some serious exposure with the revelations from WikiLeaks that we now know of as "Pizza Gate."
I haven't followed PizzaGate. It seems too bizarre and sick to be true. I think that someone is trolling us. If so, it is brilliant. If any of it is true, then the rabbit hole goes deeper than I thought.

I used to think that stories like this could not be true, or the mainstream news media would have reported it, and govt prosecutors would have acted. I don't believe that anymore.

The NY Times reports:
what is being called Pizzagate, an online conspiracy theory asserting, with no evidence, that the restaurant is somehow tied to a child abuse ring. ...

The misinformation campaign about Comet began when the email account of John D. Podesta, an aide to Hillary Clinton, was hacked and his emails were published by WikiLeaks during the presidential campaign. Days before the election, users on the online message board 4chan noticed that one of Mr. Podesta’s leaked emails contained communications with James Alefantis, Comet’s owner, discussing a fund-raiser for Mrs. Clinton.
It is funny how leftists use the term "no evidence" to imply that something is false. It just tells me that someone is wearing blinders.

There is some intriguing evidence. It is weak, circumstantial, and implausible, unless you happen to believe that prominent Democrats are possessed by the Devil. Podesta does have some weird stuff in his house, and was invited to a Satanic ritual. Or so the story says.

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