Thursday, December 01, 2016

Disavowing the kooks

I get most of my news from the Leftist mainstream media, and now they talk about white supremacists a lot, and urge Trump to disavow them again.

Censorship and controlling the parameters of discussion are tools of the Ctrl-left. They try to shame anyone who says anything politically incorrect.

Twitter is even threatening to ban the US President.

To combat this, the Alt-right does a lot of trolling.

As an example, a Trump supporter recently used the German/Nazi word lugenpresse for "lying press". Republicans are being asked to disavow him and everyone else who uses the word.

It is foolish to let the Ctrl-left control your language, or who you associate with.

A good example of trolling is this anonymous London Guardian article:
‘Alt-right’ online poison nearly turned me into a racist ...

About a week before the US election, I heard one of these YouTubers use the phrase “red-pilled” – a term from the film The Matrix – in reference to people being awakened to the truth about the world and SJWs. Suddenly I thought: “This is exactly like a cult. What am I doing? I’m turning into an arsehole.”

I unsubscribed and unfollowed from everything, and told myself outright: “You’re becoming a racist. What you’re doing is turning you into a terrible, hateful person.” Until that moment I hadn’t even realised that “alt-right” was what I was becoming; I just thought I was a more open-minded person for tolerating these views.

It would take every swearword under the sun to describe how I now feel about tolerating such content and gradually accepting it as truth. I’ve spent every day since feeling shameful for being so blind and so easily coerced.

US election day rolled around, and I was filled with dread. Trump’s win felt like EU referendum morning all over again – magnified by a hundred. Although I never shared any of this rubbish with anybody, I feel partly responsible. It’s clear this terrible ideology has now gone mainstream.
The Guardian does not admit that it has been trolled, but it was apparently written by Godfrey Elfwick.

To get an Alt-right opinion published, he had to pretend to be an SJW denouncing the Alt-right.

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