Saturday, December 10, 2016

No Dutch free speech on immigration

Free speech law prof (and immigrant) E. Volokh reports:
“Should there be more or fewer immigrants from Muslim countries to the U.S.?” ...

Dutch politician Geert Wilders has just been criminally convicted for asking this very question in the Netherlands, with regard to Moroccan immigrants, and suggesting that the answer should be “fewer.” ...

This means that, according to the Dutch government, Dutch citizens aren’t allowed to forthrightly debate the matter, and to question egalitarian doctrine on the subject.
This is the Ctrl-left at work. Maybe most Dutch ppl want fewer Moroccan immigrants, but saying so is against the law.

One comment that is still legal in the USA:
The fewer the better. Zero is optimum. Their holy book is a war manual.
Here is another:
Once liberals take over the Supreme Court, this will eventually be coming to America.
Fortunately, Donald Trump has delayed the liberal takeover.

In the USA, it is common to hear the opinion that the radically increased non-white immigration is a good thing. It is Democrat Party policy. But as a practical matter, no reputable person is allowed to say that it is a bad thing. Any such person would be called a Nazi and a white supremacist, and be forced to apologize. He would not even be allowed to sell peanuts at the ball park.

Speaking of whites, an Atlantic mag article says:
So, are Jews white? “There’s really no conclusion except that it’s complicated,” said Goldstein.
And other questions about Jewish identity are complicated also.

Jews can identify any way they want. I just want to point out that when Jews attack white culture, they do not necessarily identify as white. They are just one group badmouthing another group.

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