Thursday, December 29, 2016

Montana religious dispute escalates

I mentioned coverage of a Montana dispute, and now it is getting more attention:
The Whitefish, Montana, Police Department says it is aware of the white supremacist website “The Daily Stormer” and its call for an upcoming “armed march” through the city of Whitefish, CBS affiliate KXLH reports.

Top elected officials in Montana issued a joint statement Tuesday condemning “attacks on our religious freedom manifesting in a group of anti-Semites,” CBS affiliate KPAX reports.

“Rest assured, any demonstration or threat of intimidation against any Montanan’s religious liberty will not be tolerated. It takes all Montanans working together to eradicate religious intolerance,” the statement reads.
Religious freedom? Liberty?

One side has Jews who hate Christians, and the other has Christians who hate Jews. So I guess you could say both sides are showing religious intolerance. But who is doing the intimidating? The Daily Stormer says:
The lawmakers did not make specific reference to the group or realtor Tanya Gersh, who was serving as operating “street boss” running an extortion conspiracy targeting the mother of a perceived political opponent of international Jewry. Gersh threatened Sherry Spencer, mother of Richard Spencer, with a protest that she claimed would drive down the value of her property in Whitefish if she did not sell the property, denounce her son and make a “donation” to local human rights groups.

Gersh had provided Spencer with a pre-written apology/confession, which they asked her to read to the community. This practice is also popular among ISIS, which usually requires public execution victims to read aloud a scripted apology/confession before death.
It posts a copy of the confession, and it appears to be criminal extortion from the Jewish side.

The news stories do not mention that. They probably would mention it, if they could prove that the scripted confession demand were fake.

The Daily Stormer site is a little extreme, and says:
In a related development, while the international Jewish media has taken interest in our Whitefish march – dubbed the “March on Whitefish” – so have nationalist groups across the country. So far, it looks like we will have representatives from at least three European nations marching with us in January, a sign of increasing global white racial solidarity against the international Jewish agenda to exterminate the white race through programs of mass immigration, feminism and the promotion of homosexuality.
I will be interested to see whether there are any neutral news stories about this dispute.

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