Friday, December 08, 2006

Stop mindreading Pres. Bush

Dutch Radio reports:
On Tuesday, Mr Gates said that the United States is not winning in Iraq. But is President Bush psychologically prepared to make the necessary adjustments to his own way of thinking on the subject? That's a question which Iraq Study Group chairman James Baker carefully skirted round on Wednesday:
I worked for former presidents and I used to get questions all the time: Tell me about this president versus that president or the other president. I never put presidents I worked for on the couch, so I am not going to answer that because that would mean I have to psychologically analyze the inner workings of his mind and I don't do that.
I agree with Baker. There is nothing to be gained by mindreadying Pres. Bush. Much of the Leftist criticism of Bush is based on some peculiar mindreading theory that is almost certainly fallacious.

A reader comments:
How about comparing his behavior patterns to those observed in other ex-alcholics? It is possible for an individual to to address and avoid such... but like alcoholism, you first have to recognize the existence of the problem.
This is just another example of faulty mindreading and fallacious reasoning by a Bush-hater. Pres. Bush is not an ex-alcholic, and has no difficulty recognizing the existence of a problem.

Bush was once cited for DUI, and later became an alcohol abstainer in conjunction with some deepened religious beliefs. Many people have similar experiences without being alcoholics.

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