Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our Founding Illegals

William Hogeland writes in this NY Times op-ed:
Every nation is a nation of immigrants. Go back far enough and you'll find us all, millions of potential lives, tucked in the DNA of our African mother, Lucy. ...

You wouldn't know it from the immigration debate going on all year (the bipartisan immigration bill-in-progress, announced this week, is unlikely to mention it), but America's pioneer values developed in a distinctly illegal context. In 1763, George III drew a line on a map ...

George Washington, a young colonel in the Virginia militia, instructed his land-buying agents in the many ways of getting around the law. ...

Parallels to today's illegal immigration are striking.
Washington didn't just circumvent King George III's orders, he organized an armed rebellion against the King.

I am not sure about these parallels. If we have illegal aliens who are bent on armed revolt, then I certainly favor keeping them out of the USA.

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