Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rich blacks have nanny troubles

The NY Times frequently has articles about the supposed suffering of certain groups. Today it has an article about rich black folks who have a hard time hiring nannies because a lot of nannies are black and they refuse to work for other blacks:
But interviews with dozens of nannies and agencies that employ them in Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Houston turned up many nannies -- often of African-American or Caribbean descent themselves -- who avoid working for families of those backgrounds. Their reasons included accusations of low pay and extra work, fears that employers would look down at them, and suspicion that any neighborhood inhabited by blacks had to be unsafe.

The result is that many black parents do not have the same child care options as their colleagues and neighbors. They must settle for illegal immigrants or non-English speakers instead of more experienced or credentialed nannies, rely on day care or scale back their professional aspirations to spend more time at home.

"Very rarely will an African-American woman work for an African-American boss", said Pat Cascio, the owner of Morningside Nannies in Houston and the president of the International Nanny Association.

Many of the African-American nannies who make up 40 percent of her work force fear that people of their own color will be "uppity and demanding", said Ms. Cascio, who is white. After interviews, she said, those nannies "will call us and say, 'Why didn't you tell me'" the family is black? ...

Some black sitters, both Caribbean and African-American, said they flat out refused to work for families of those backgrounds, accusing them of demanding more and paying less.
Conventional liberal wisdom is that only those belonging to dominant groups can be racist (or sexist, homophobic, etc). I wonder what they think of poor black powerless nannies expressing a racial preference.

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