Saturday, December 02, 2006

Opus anagrams

Tomorrows Opus comic strip has more anagrams. It gives the anagram of GOD as DOG and The Prophet Mohammed as "Hmmm Heap red-hot poet". Except that the author, Berkeley Breathed scratches out the latter as too offensive for newspapers to print. Weird. I am putting it here just in case you are trying to figure out the joke.

A reader comment says:
Breathed wimped out big time, and not just by scratching it out. Consider the alternative anagram of "Hemp, harem do tempt, oh!"
Another comment says:
My daughter came up with "Pope -- the hammered moth"
She is using as extra E. Maybe she meant "Pope -- the hammer'd moth" or "Pop the hammered moth".


Jared said...

Ah. Thank you. That was bugging for the past half hour.

There were so many possibilities!

Gittrdun said...

My daughter came up with
"Pope- the hammered moth"