Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oppenheimer the dark angel

Rober Larue writes:
To the Editor:
James Horgan makes reference to Robert Oppenheimer as "the dark angel of nuclear physics." One wonders if Oppenheimer deserves that appellation, and if it is not more apt regarding Edward Teller. Oppenheimer, once the genie was out of the bottle, struggled to control atomic power rather than expand it, and he was martyred for his efforts.

Teller, on the other hand, sought tirelessly to increase nuclear destructive capability and contributed, Judas-like, to Oppenheimer's destruction. It's not surprising that Stanley Kubrick chose Teller, not Oppenheimer, as the model for Dr. Strangelove, as a recent biography of Teller has noted.
No, Strangelove appears to be mostly based on Herman Kahn. Oppenheimer was a Commie, and he only opposed nukes when used to defend ourselves from the Commies. Teller was a great and loyal American.

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