Monday, January 16, 2006

The future of family court

British news:
A BISEXUAL man who answered an advert to father a lesbian couple's baby has won a landmark court battle to be one of the official parents, it was revealed yesterday. ...

Experts interviewed the youngster who told them she had two mothers -- Mummy and Ma -- identified as Ms A and Ms C.

In a bizarre twist, the girl's mother -- Ms A -- got pregnant a second time, with sperm donated by a homosexual who lives with another gay, and she also has a daughter aged three, known as E.

The lesbian couple now plan to "wed" under the recent change in the law permitting same-sex civil partnerships. The case is expected to set an amazing precedent following the boom in gay weddings.

Mrs Justice Black, one of England's top judges, ruled that the father was entitled to legal recognition that he had parental responsibility for the five-year-old.

She said that whatever the law may do to change the shape of family life, nothing could beat the fact a child had a natural parent.

The court appointed leading child psychiatrist Dr Claire Sturge to investigate the case.

The judge said: "Dr Sturge did not find D muddled about her family. She told Dr Sturge that she is lucky because she has two mummies. ..."

The two lesbians have agreed to increase his contact with D from once a month to every other Saturday, plus extra holidays.

Legal proceedings in relation to parental responsibility for the second child are pending.
This is a mess, and it will not be solved by having wacky child psychologists interview and assess the kids. The kids are not the crazy ones here.