Friday, January 13, 2006

Copyrighted lawyer threat

The Smoking Gun posted a threatening letter including this:
We are well aware that Smoking Gun frequently elects to snidely disregard the content of letters from our firm, instead posting them on the website notwithstanding their designation as confidential legal communications and notwithstanding the legal arguments set forth in the correspondence. We request that in this instance, rather than having this typical knee-jerk response, ...

This letter is a confidential legal communication and is not for publication, and you are not authorized to publish this letter. ... Any publication disseminated or broadcast of any portion of this letter will constitute a breach of confidence and a violation of the Copyright Act.
The letter is from James Frey's law firm, and he is very upset that he might lose millions of dollars from a web site exposing the lies in his autobiography.

This is funny. I guess that I am also breaching the confidence by posting the above excerpt. These lawyer letters are amusing. Meanwhile, Frey sounded like a con man on the Larry King show. He sure fooled a lot of people with the biggest selling "nonfiction" book of 2005.

Update: Here is another confidential legal notice. The Smoking Gun is not intimidated by these silly lawyer notices.

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