Sunday, June 02, 2024

The Vax Gap

The USA is splitting along identity politics lines, and now we have a vax gap. The NY Post reports:
Former President Donald Trump holds a dominating 47-point lead over Joe Biden among un-jabbed voters and those who never completed a full vaccine course, according to a new poll.

The former president received the backing of 63% of voters who never received the jab or didn’t complete the initial Modera/Pfizer vaccine course, the Schoen-Cooperman survey showed.

Voters who didn’t get the covid vaccine overwhelmingly prefer Trump, a new poll shows. Robert Miller

President Biden collected just 16% of the unvaxxed/one jab vote.

Surprisingly Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — a diehard vaccine skeptic — took just 12% of that group.

The same trends held among voters who received a full vaccination but never followed up with any boosters.

Pres. Trump was headed towards reelection in 2020, until covid wrecked our economy and way of life. Fast-tracking a covid vaccine was one of Trump's biggest accomplishment, but the CDC, FDA, and press conspired to conceal the progress until after the election. The Democrats convinced the voters that Trump's negligence had killed 300,000 Americans.

Now, with four years of hindsight, the picture is a lot different. More people died under Biden.

The covid pademic was really just a bad flu season, except to the elderly with multiple co-morbidities. Covid itself did not do any damage to the economy. It was the government overreaction to it that was so disastrous. Countries like Sweden without the lockdowns had fewer excess deaths. Nealy all of the counter-measures, such as social distancing, hand-washing, masks, and vaccines, were useless or counter-productive. They made things worse.

It would have been better to rapidly release the vaccines for the high-risk elderly population, and forget about it for everyone else.

Now those who refused the vaccine are voting for Trump. Why, when he was the chief vaccine proponent?

Trump did not support the vaccine mandates. Biden did, and so did the new Libertarian Party nominee.

The vaccine mandates were a test of the Leftist nanny state. Could medical decisions be forced on you, just because some official govt committee of experts recommends them? Even when they violate science and common sense?

These same experts say that a man can become a woman, or that a man can give birth to a baby. And race is socially constructed. And George Floyd was murdered by systemic racism. Biden voters accept this nonsense like sheep.

The unvaccined represent the last Americans who think for themselves, and want the freedom to make their own decisions. And they are voting for Trump.

Biden oversaw nearly a million COVID deaths and unprecedented covid-relief spending, widely viewed as contributing to inflation today.

The unvaxxed faced particularly extreme challenges. In New York City, they were banished from bars, restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues. City employees who refused to get the jab were fired. Even private businesses were ordered to ensure employees were vaccinated. What do you think? Be the first to comment.

One unvaxxed city employee — who managed to slip through the net — said he liked RFK but was backing Trump anyway.

“I’m probably voting for Trump due to the lawfare used against him which cannot be allowed in this country,” the employee said.

To him, the Biden lawfare against Trump is like the covid overreaction that got people like him fired. Biden must be stopped, if we are to be a free nation.

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CFT said...

There really isn't a vaccination gap,
As there were ZERO inoculations provided that qualified as a vaccination, given that none of the various so called 'vaccines' actually:

1. Prevented contraction of Covid 19.

2. Prevented the transmission of Covid 19.

3. Actually did anything statistically significant to cure Covid 19, as any positive results touted were were smaller than the margin of error.

If vaccines for smallpox or malaria had such dismal results, no one would get them as they would be considered useless. Pfizer publicly admitted their 'vaccine' didn't do anything that prevented contraction, transmission, or recovery from Covid 19. In addition, the side effects and risks of various inoculations were not disclosed, which is kind of a big no-no if you don't want to be slapped with a nice juicy class action lawsuit.

Biden will not be able to hide his part in the deception. Even now the entire 'official' response to Covid, from lockdowns, to masking, to six feet social distancing baloney to the pretend vaccines is being shown to be entirely bullshit as far as any recognized medical practices.