Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Scotland Pakistani Minister famous for anti-White Rant

Scotland news:
As the furore in Scotland grew around the introduction of the Hate Crime Act (introduced by Mr Yousaf during his time in the justice role), the speech surfaced again – and sparked hundreds of reports to police from people who believed the First Minister was in breach of his own law by "stirring up hatred" against white people.
Yes, Scotland was ruled by a White-hater named Humza Yousaf who helped pass a law to criminalize online hate speech. A lot of people thought that he was the worst offender, as he gave this speech in 2020:
I will start and end my speech in the same way – by saying that I am angry. I am angry that in 2020 we are once again confronted with scenes of horrific racial injustice. I am angry that in 2020 we are still dealing with overt racism, subtle racism, institutional racism and structural racism. Whatever form it takes, it is still racism.

Members may well think that as time has moved on, racism has declined and manifestations of overt racism are no longer commonplace. I am afraid that that is not the case. I do not have to cast my mind back particularly far – I suspect that the same is true for Anas Sarwar – to remember somebody calling me “Paki”. ...

There is no black MSP in the Parliament. In a debate about Black Lives Matter, there is not a black voice here, to our shame. I want the last words in the debate to belong to George Floyd, but before I read out his last words, I ask every member here to imagine that these words came from your brother, your father, your son, your cousin or your nephew, while they had a police officer’s knee on their throat for eight minutes and 46 seconds. Here are George Floyd’s last words:

So his examples of racism are (1) Scotland is mostly White; (2) death of George Floyd; and (3) someone once called him a Paki. Some say that Paki is a slur, but it really just means a Pakistani. He is indeed from a Pakistani family.

If Scotland were so racist, it never would have elected a Pakistani.

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