Saturday, June 01, 2024

Mindreading Jurors have not told us Trump's Crime

I jus learned that the NY Trump judge is a South American!

The judge will probably order probation conditions designed to interfere with the election as much as possible.

Whatever you think of Pres. Trump, we should not have a Colombian deciding our next President Everyone who goes along with this, from Pres. Biden on down, is an enemy of American justice.

It is funny to see the press try to descrive the conviction on one sentence. They cannot do it. The essential charge was that his office recorded transactions as legal expenses, and they were falsified to cover up at least one of 3 possible unproved crimes, campaign finance, cheating voters, and tax evasion.

The important point is that he was not convicted of paying hush money, or interfering with the election, or misleading voters, or tax evasion, or anything like that. The jury found that Trump intended to cover up a crime, but there is no finding as to what that crime was. No one knows.

Maybe some jurors will speak up and tell us, but none have so far.

The case follows the pattern where Trump-haters investigate him for years looking for wrongdoing, fail, and end up accusing him of intent to commit some nebulous crime.

That is what happened in both the first and second impeachments. No direct evidence of a crime, and not even any direct evidence of intent, but somehow the mindreading Trump-haters claim to know what he was thinking.

Maybe that should have been a jury voir dire question: Do you believe in mindreading?

I used to regularly post here the evil effects of faulty mindreading. It explains much of what is wrong with our society.

The funny think about Trump is that he is exactly what he appears to be. More so that any other politician. He says what he means and he means what he says. There is no need to apply any mindreading skills.

There is a mental illness that a lot of people have, where they cannot take anything on face value. They cannot understand straightforward language, and jump to conclusion about everything meaning something else. Some even say that such behavior is neurotypical, and they are rattled by those who are more direct.

I am not saying that Trump has autism. He does not. But I think that he is hated for some of the same reasons that people with high-functioning autism are hated.


MikeAdamson said...

Columbia you say! I wonder if he knew Judge Cannon who is also Columbian. It's a small world after all. As for the crime described in one sentence test:
Trump falsified business records in an attempt to squelch the Stormy Daniels story, which he feared could influence the results of the 2016 election.

CFT said...

Then again...
We have a sitting president who actually used his DOJ to openly collude in a court case to prosecute his political rival (a historical first), and his FBI to shield his own son and himself from prosecution for outright corruption, taking money under the table from hostile nations to grant them access and influence.
Biden is also arguably senile, he can't really even speak anymore, so quite a few folks are going to have to explain why they hid the fact the commander in chief wasn't actually in charge of the country.

This should concern the Democrats, as it will come back to bite them on the ass, it always does as no political party stays in power forever.