Sunday, March 24, 2024

Woke Science Journal Declares Sex Incoherent

The journal Cell, perhaps the top Biology scientific journal, has a special issue:
Landmark Cell focus issue centers the voices of sex and gender minorities ...

Building on last year’s Juneteenth focus issue ...

The focus issue centers around the idea that a more precise, inclusive, and interdisciplinary approach to understanding sex and gender will create better science.

No, there are no sex minorities. Half the population is male, and half female.

One article complains that that biologists define sex as binary, based on gamete size, but different opinions come from non-biologist scholars:

Scholars in the history of science and science and technology studies (STS) have identified many models of sex. ...

The answer to the question “What is sex?” is, in both theory and practice, just about everything, and therefore also nearly nothing. This exercise demonstrates that sex is an incoherent category, one that has perhaps outlived its use. ...

This kind of cross-disciplinary work is hard. ... In the case of sex, we know equally important but separate things about it: I have not been trained in the intricacies of the SRY gene,

The SRY gene is the one on the XY chromosome that triggers a fetus to become male. The author, Beans (they), does not understand any of that, but wants us all to believe that sex is an incoherent category.

Jerry Coyne elaborates on the errors in this paper.

Another paper: Rigorous science demands support of transgender scientists.

Trans liberation interacts with and builds upon the accomplishments of the women’s liberation, Black liberation, antiracist, anticolonial, class liberation, and disability justice movements. All assert that a person’s identity should not determine what opportunities they have access to and that it is each person’s right to control what happens to their body (i.e., bodily autonomy). Today’s movements for trans liberation continue this progress by upholding the simple fact that one’s assigned sex does not determine who one is. ...

Most authors self-identified as trans or transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, or genderf∗ck, with one author identifying as cisgender. The author list includes men and transmasculine persons, women and transfeminine persons, non-binary persons, and the parent of a transgender child.

If sex is not determinitive, then why are they so eager to use preferred pronouns?

This is all garbage that does not belong in a scientific journal. It says sex is incoherent, even though it has as good a definition as anything in biology, and uses terms like "queer" that really are incoherent. I cannot even guess what it means for a scientist to identify as "genderf∗ck". I am pretty sure it has no coherent definition.

This is all so crazy that it is hard to believe anyone is sincere with this. Maybe someday they will announce that they mocked us all with hoax papers.

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CFT said...

Sex Ed teacher: Well boys and girls, Boys are male and have a penis, and girls are female and have a vagina.

Student: What about trans people?

Sex Ed teacher: They have a penis OR a vagina, AND a mental disorder.

Student: Shouldn't this be more confusing and nuanced?

Sex Ed teacher: Only if you have a birth defect OR your parents self identify as Democrats.