Monday, March 18, 2024

California Governor tries to undo an Election

Politico reports:
SACRAMENTO, California — Gov. Gavin Newsom is embarking on a last-minute scramble to correct rejected ballots as his prized $6.4 billion mental health and housing bond maintains a razor-thin lead.

The governor’s federal PAC, Campaign for Democracy, sent an urgent volunteer request to supporters Thursday night, asking them to help reach out to Democrats who have had their ballots rejected — for reasons like forgetting to include a signature — in an effort to get their ballots counted.

“This ballot initiative is SO CLOSE that your commitment to volunteer could mean the difference between people getting off the streets and into the treatment they need... or not,” the governor’s email read. “Truly. It is that close.”

The most recent update showed Proposition 1 with 50.2 percent of the vote, leading by about 21,000 votes with a half-million ballots left to be counted statewide.

What? The election was a couple of weeks ago. And yet a half million ballots are uncounded, and the governor is trying to manipulate the tally of what has been counted.

American elections are rigged. The outcomes should not be trusted, unless all votes are cast and counted in front of observers on election day, as is done by other civilized countries.

Democrqats say they stand for election integrity. It is all a lie. Only Trump promises fair elections. Democrats are openly stealing the California election right now.

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CFT said...

It's really quite easy. If the count isn't completed the night of the election, It's a compromised election or at the the very least incredibly suspect. For the sake of brevity, I'm going to say if a guess has to be made for the choice on the ballot (a la hanging-chad bullshittery) then the vote is discarded, elections can't be determined by fortune tellers.

In India of all places, they merely use a special dye you dip your finger in to vote with. The ink will not wash off for several days, so trying to vote multiple times isn't very viable unles you are willing to explain why you have a recently cut off finger. Would that Americans have similar assurances...but certain people have it in their tiny little heads that even asking for identification at a voting booth is racist... Because IDs are racist apparently. No American has a problem with having a legitimate photo ID to drive a car, buy alcohol, pick up a medical prescription, buy a firearm, buy a car, buy a house, open a bank account, enter a courthouse, enter any federal or state building, check out a library book... but Oh no, not to determine residency and identification in an election. Yeah, right.

Why in the glorious 21st century an election isn't able to be tallied as well as an election in the previous century says a lot about the state of the union, and why it probably isn't long for this world.