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New Diverse DNA Database draws Criticism

Genetics professor Lior Pachter complains that his fellows geneticists write papers about race.
The All of Us Research Program, whose mission is to “to accelerate health research and medical breakthroughs, enabling individualized prevention, treatment, and care for all of us”, recently published a flagship paper in Nature on “Genomic Data in the All of Us Research Program“.
All of Us has collected data on diverse racial groups, so health research can be directed to underrepresented minorities. What could be wrong with that? Plenty, he says.
The misuse of the concepts of race, ethnicity and genetic ancestry, and the misrepresentation of genetic data to create a false narrative, is a serious matter. I say this because such misrepresentations have been linked to terror. The Buffalo terrorist who murdered 10 black people in a racist rampage in 2022 wrote that "Jews cannot be considered European" ...

The pseudoscientific belief that humans can be genetically separated into distinct racial groups is part of scientific racism. Such pseudoscience, and its spawn of racist policy, has roots in many places, but it must be acknowledged that some of them are in academia.

He complains that DNA evidence can identify Ashkenazi Jews. Pachter himself identifies as a South African Jew who moved to the USA, so it is not clear why he would be offended by this.
This idea for this post arose during a DEI meeting of my research group organized
So these professors are subjected to DEI meetings where they says race is not real, and complain about scientific papers proving that race is real.

Not just him. Berkeley geneticist Michael Eisen has demanded that the Nature paper be retracted. Eisen is a Jewish name. I see from Wikipedia that he was wrongly fired for a satirical tweet about tue Gaza War.

This is the objection. Wokeness requires denying the biology of race. DNA data show racial differences. Such data must be considered to ensure that medical databases are diverse. The datasets are huge, and are oversimplified when reduced to 2-dimensional plots for publication in print journals. The woke scientists make technical objections to the 2D plots, as a way of undermining racial biology.

There is something strange about Jews making all these high-handed racial pronouncements, and then demanding that a scientific chart be retracted because of obscure technical criticisms.

Judaism is the most ethnocentric of the world's religions. Jews call people racists more than anyone else. Jews have a bunch of rules for genetic qualifications to be a Jew. They do not like it when others identify them as Jews. They scream scientific racism if non-Jewing groups talk about how they can be genetically identified.

How to make sense of this? Jews believe that they are God's Chosen People, and that all others are sub-human animals that are not worthy of being distinguished. Even Atheist Jews recite leftist political opinions, and rush to put down ethnic pride in all non-Jewish groups, especially White Christians.

Pachter is an example of this. See the glee he takes in arguing that The perfect human is Puerto Rican. Jews have contempt for most of humanity. We non-Jews are no better than Puerto Ricans. He particularly hates James Watson, of DNA discovery fame.

This appears to be a Jewish religious belief. We see the same thing in prominent Jewish intellectuals, such as the late Stephen Jay Gould, and many others. They adamantly argue that there is no such thing as human races, even though they can be identified by DNA. Non-Jews must have nothing to distinguish them from each other. There can only be one Chosen People.

Maybe I am reading too much into this, but why else would Pachter get so excited by an obscure figure in a scientific paper? Why else would he hate Watson so much? Why do the vast majority of academic Jews say the same thing?

They have influenced the scientific establishment in reciting this nonsense. The leading journal, AAAS Science, just published this:

The sociopolitical in human genetics education

Education must go beyond only countering essentialist and deterministic views of genetics

Biological and genetics research has established that racial categories have no biological or genetic basis. Social sciences have established that race is a socially and politically constructed categorization that undergirds racism, which has devastating consequences for racially oppressed groups.

The authors are not even scientists, and most have jobs in Education departments. This paper was not accepted on its scientific merits. It was published because those who do control AAAS wanted that political-religious message. Some of the paper's problems are explained here.

The Gaza War has changed the public perception of Jews. If the Gazans could demonstrate Jewish DNA and acceptance of Jewish ideologies, they would be welcomed into Israel. They cannot, and the Israelis are exterminating them like subhuman animals.

Reuters reports:

Health authorities in Gaza said on Thursday Israeli fire on people waiting for aid near Gaza City had killed 104 Palestinians and wounded 280, with one hospital saying it had received 10 bodies and dozens of injured patients.
I am not necessarily saying Israel is wrong. After all, Hamas is still holding Israeli hostages. I am just pointing out how the world is wising up to how Jews view non-Jews. R

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