Monday, February 26, 2024

Nate Silver demands HItler Comparisons

Leftists used to say they believe in free speech, but more and more they advocate one set of beliefs and values being imposed on everyone, and controlling information to achieve that.

That is why they are so upset by AI LLMs, and argue for AI alignment, even if it means regulating the LLMs.

This became apparent with the uproar over Google's latest chatbot, which replaced Whites with Blacks.

Many leftists complained that it did not go far enough, and refused to make some Hitler comparisons. Eg, Nate Silver tweets:

I was able to replicate this! They need to shut Gemini down. It is several months away from being ready for prime time. It is astounding that Google released it in this state.
I would think that a statistician of people making their own judgments about data. But no, he wants to take the tool off the market!

Ideally, these tools would not have any ideologies hard-wired in. User options could include checkboxes for wokeness, offensive words and images, leftist value judgments, etc.

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