Monday, February 12, 2024

Social Media is driving Young Women Crazy

Professor Jonathan Haidt reports that 54% of young liberal White women have a diagnosed mental health disorder.

This is where the Democrat Party gets new voters. In 2020, married women voted for Trump, while single women voted for Biden.

Haidt blames social media, and has a lot of data to back it up.

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CFT said...

The serious problem with the DSM (revision doesn't really matter) and mental health in general is exactly what our professor warned us the very first day of abnormal psyche 101: 'Be wary when you fish through this book, or you will soon be catching a school of all kinds of mental disorders'.

Sure enough, the entire class soon found they could each very easily claim to afflicted with a dozen or more mental disorders. Back in the late eighties, we didn't call mental disorders 'lifestyles' or 'self identified genders' yet.

I put incredibly low confidence of the mental profession to actually diagnose anything correctly, much much less fix the problem. Mental health pretty much revolves around medicating someone into a stupor of compliance with authority and then asking:'Well, are they quiet and not dancing naked in their own feces? No longer a nuisance? Mission accomplished!'

Truth be told, there have been many flavors of female hysteria as well, and treatments have varied as widely as 'beat them until the devil leaves' (medieval all time favorite), 'leave them alone in a quiet room to recuperate' (holistic) to 'blast their private parts with high pressure freezing cold water' (late 1800s early 1900s), to blast them with pharmaceuticals until Pfzier's stock soars' (New and improved drug pushing). Take your pick of duck...because they are all quackery.