Monday, February 12, 2024

Blacks are Anxious about Climate Change

Biden's trans diversity hire Rachel Levine was excited to embark on Black History Month because it gave Levine a chance to talk about health equity and climate change.

Levine stood in front of a black, green, orange and red backdrop, the colors of which were reflected in the graphics, to explain why black history month and climate change alarmism go hand in hand.

"This Black History Month," begins the assistant secretary for Health and Human Services, "I'm pleased to partner with OMH in advancing better health through better understanding for black communities."

"Climate change is having a disproportionate effect on the physical and mental health of black communities," said Levine, who believes himself to be female. Levine has also pushed for sex changes for minors.

"Black Americans are more likely than white Americans to live in areas, in housing, that increase their susceptibility to climate-related health issues."

"And 65 percent of black Americans report feeling anxious about climate change's impact."

So says the man dressed up as a woman, and promoted to a high Biden administration position.

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