Thursday, November 30, 2023

World turns against Israel

Here is Wikipedia 2023 Israel–Hamas war protests:
The 2023 Israel–Hamas war sparked protests, demonstrations, and vigils around the world.[9] These events focused on a variety of issues related to the conflict, including demands for a ceasefire, an end to the blockade, returning Israeli hostages, protesting war crimes, and providing humanitarian aid to Gaza. Protests against Israeli action in Gaza were notably large across the Middle East and North Africa, particularly following the al-Ahli Arab Hospital explosion.[10] Since the war began on 7 October, the number of dead has exceeded 16,000.[11]

In some European countries, public support for Palestine and the Palestinian cause was criminalized, with countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Hungary restricting pro-Palestinian political speech.[12] Germany banned fundraising, the displaying of the Palestinian flag and the wearing of the keffiyeh.[13] The conflict also sparked large protests at Israeli and U.S. embassies around the world.[14]

It is funny how the world has turned against Israel on this war.

The NY Times says Israel had a 40-page blueprint of the attack more than a year before it happened, but did not take it seriously.

The document circulated widely among Israeli military and intelligence leaders, but experts determined that an attack of that scale and ambition was beyond Hamas’s capabilities. ... Hamas followed the blueprint with shocking precision.
Probably a lot of the world thinks that Israel provoked this attack, in order to provide an excuse for exterminating the Palestinian Arabs. I don't know about that, but Israel was strangely unprepared and slow to respond.

It is odd to see this issue as one persuading the world. There could have been other reasons, such as from Andrew Anglin:

The term “antisemitism” never had any meaning. It was always just a way to protect Jews from criticism by saying that anyone who criticized the Jews hated them for no reason.

Again, I have been labeled by the ADL as “the most prominent American anti-Semite.” I have not hated the Jews for no reason. I would actually take issue with the word “hate,” as I hope that the Jews find Jesus and repent of this evil they do. I earned this “anti-Semite” label because I criticized the Jews.

Here are a few examples of Jewish behavior I took issue with:

  • Working to undermine and destroy the Christian religion
  • Controlling the news media and using it to undermine the United States
  • Controlling the entertainment media and using it to undermine family values and basic morals
  • Infiltrating the US government and using our foreign policy to push the agenda of the Jews, including sending Americans to many wars in the Middle East
  • Producing and distributing pornography
  • Pushing feminism as a way to undermine the family
  • Promoting and normalizing homosexuality
  • Pushing the tranny and child tranny agenda
  • Using the “civil rights movement” to promote racial strife
  • Pushing mass immigration with the explicit goal of making whites minorities in their own countries
  • Pushing mass censorship, not just of criticism of the Jews directly, but of all Jewish agendas
  • Pushing abortion
  • Pushing for gun control
  • Creating communism
  • Engaging in usury-oriented financial swindles through the Federal Reserve system and Wall Street
  • Engaging in widespread political corruption, including through AIPAC, which bribes politicians who pledge allegiance to Israel and destroys politicians who don’t

The list obviously goes on.

You could debate these issues, but they are much more important to Americans than Gaza terrorist hiding out in tunnels.

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