Monday, November 06, 2023

Teacher Sues School for Getting Shot

NPR Radio reports:
A teacher who was shot by her 6-year-old student in Virginia can press forward with her $40 million lawsuit against a school system over claims of negligence by school administrators, a judge ruled Friday. ...

The judge wrote: "The danger of being shot by a student is not one that is peculiar or unique to the job of a first-grade teacher." ...

In early January, the 6-year-old pulled out his mother's handgun and shot Zwerner as she sat at a reading table in front of her first-grade class. ...

Police have said the shooting was intentional. Zwerner claims school officials knew the boy "had a history of random violence" at school and home, including when he "choked" his kindergarten teacher.

The boy's parents are Black, and blame the school:
She described her boy as a “great kid” but “very energetic” because of the behavioral disorder. “He’s off the wall — doesn’t sit still, ever,” she added.

Taylor said her son “actually really liked” 25-year-old teacher Zwerner but that during the week of the Jan. 6 shooting, “he felt like he was being ignored.”

The troubled boy had been suspended for smashing the teacher’s cellphone when she reportedly told him to sit down two days before the shooting.

Taylor’s attorney James Ellenson told the news outlet that school officials are ultimately responsible for the incident because they enrolled the boy in first grade prematurely, knowing he had only attended two months of kindergarten and two months of pre-K.

They also knew of his ADHD diagnosis, Ellenson claimed.

The boy boasted: ‘I shot that bitch dead’.

Update: Mom gets 21 months in prison for using marijuana while owning gun. She still faces sentencing in December on state charges for felony child neglect.


CFT said...

A six year old actually said ‘I shot that bitch dead’?
Wow. That must be some remarkable upbringing going on in the household.

No child speaks like this at the age of six unless his 'parents' (and I use the term loosely) are teaching the child to do so. Monkey see, monkey do, this is the great cosmic constant with small children everywhere, no matter the class or race of the parents.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess at least one of the parents has drug problems, and at least one of them has been incarcerated. If a parent's first reaction to their child shooting a school teacher with a gun is "it's the school's fault", at the age of six, the parent clearly is a thug and an idiot.

Pray tell, where did junior even get the gun? Arts and crafts glue and glitter time? Maybe he bought it with his lunch money at recess? Willing to bet money it was one of the boy's parents, who also didn't seem to have much trouble showing such a thing to a small child, else how would the child have known where or what it was?

CFT said...

ADHD doesn't make small children shoot people, or choke them for that matter, extreme violence and parental bad behavior in the home does.
Using attention deficit disorder as a cover for far more serious learned behavioral problems is contemptible.