Friday, February 03, 2023

NY Times Against Democracy in Germany

The NY Times is always claiming to be pro-democracy, but only when they agree with the people. It published this essay against Germans trying to have some democratic control over their own country:
The priority, initially, was economic. The 18 men — among them several economists, a former conservative journalist and businessmen — who founded the party in February 2013 had one main aim: for Germany to leave the European Union’s currency union, or abolish it altogether. This was, of course, at root a nationalist position. ...

According to a recent study, 23 percent of western Germans said they believed the country was being “swamped with foreigners.” (The figure in eastern Germany was 40 percent.) ...

Germany has generally been praised for keeping the far right at bay. While it’s true that the AfD is not as powerful as the nationalist parties of France, Italy or Hungary, Germany has nonetheless failed to confine extremist forces to the political margins. Even if the AfD retains between 10 percent and 15 percent of the vote, we should question what kind of normality we are getting accustomed to.

The Reichsb├╝rger raid and the AfD’s 10th anniversary should prompt a major moment of reflection: A reckoning with the reasons for the party’s success is long overdue. Beyond that, it’s time to develop a new antifascist “Haltung” — a set of clear positions. No more accommodating, no more normalizing and no more collaborating.

Note that they do not want a minority view to have some representation. They want the AfD destroyed.

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