Monday, February 13, 2023

Black Girls Must Compete to get Dates

Insider reports:
Bias and stereotypes lead to college-educated Black women facing greater challenges in the dating market.

Black women are among the highest educated female demographic in America.

Students and experts told Insider that predominantly white college campuses don't create a fair playing field for Black women when dating.

Long standing images and stereotypes assigned to Black femininity that devalues it as something that is deviant and undesirable also plays a role in why Black women are being approached less on campuses.

"These white supremacist initiatives throughout history paint Black women as aggressive or hypersexual on the one end, but also non-feminine on the other hand. A lot of people internalize these images and of course they're also pinned against white femininity," Currington said. "Blackness, particularly gendered blackness, was not framed as something that is beautiful, that can be desirable. And this impacts people's experiences." On dating apps, Black women with a college degree are more likely to be passed on by non-Black men than a white woman with less education. ...

While Grayson didn't date outside her race during her time in undergrad, she felt the landscape of a predominantly white institution (PWI) put Black women in competition with non-Black women and Black women from wealthy backgrounds to find a partner.

Pretty soon the White college boys will have to date Black girls to prove that they are not racist. Plus same-sex and transgendered dates. Maybe also different ages and species.

I don't think the Black girls want those White college boys anyway. No one wants to explain female preferences.

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CFT said...

I would advise all actual men (not imaginary) to stay as far as they can from anyone who is pursuing anything with a 'studies' in their degree unless you yourself are pursuing a Major in masochism.

Guys, safety tip:

Just because you are desperate and horny does not mean you should try to hump an angry porcupine.