Thursday, February 02, 2023

Classical Music’s Suicide Pact

Heather Mac Donald writes that wokeness is ruining classical music, just like the rest of civilization:
The lead reviewer for the New York Times, Anthony Tommasini, urged that orchestra auditions no longer take place behind a screen, in order to address the “appalling racial imbalance” in orchestral ranks. Currently, musicians’ identities are concealed by a screen through most, if not all, stages of an orchestral audition to prevent favoritism or bias (a process known as a “blind audition”). But colorblindness is now regarded as discriminatory, since it favors merit over race.
She details a lot of crazy allegations that the music itself is racist.

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CFT said...

I was told years ago that the best jazz musicians aren't black. I was a bit surprised, but got over it quickly. Skill is wherever you find it, regardless of skin color.