Monday, September 19, 2022

NYT Blames Russians for Jews Losing Control of Feminism

The NY Times has an article about Jews losing control of the American feminist movement. And for this, they blame the Russians!
But there is also a story that has not been told, one that only emerged years later in academic research, of how Russia inserted itself into this moment.

For more than a century, Russia and the Soviet Union sought to weaken their adversaries in the West by inflaming racial and ethnic tensions. In the 1960s, K.G.B. officers based in the United States paid agents to paint swastikas on synagogues and desecrate Jewish cemeteries. They forged racist letters, supposedly from white supremacists, to African diplomats.

They did not invent these social divisions; America already had them. Ladislav Bittman, who worked for the secret police in Czechoslovakia before defecting to the United States, compared Soviet disinformation programs to an evil doctor who expertly diagnoses the patient’s vulnerabilities and exploits them, “prolongs his illness and speeds him to an early grave instead of curing him.”

All of this could be more accurately said about Jews. Most of the stories about swastikas on synagogues and desecrate Jewish cemeteries have turned out to be Jewish hoaxes.

Jewish politicians and other leaders endlessly seek to weaken their adversaries in the West by inflaming racial and ethnic tensions. It is most of what they do. Sen. Chuck Schumer hardly talks about anything else.

Those 1060s KGB officers must have learned those tricks from the Jews. The NAACP was run by Jews from 1909 to 1975. They were masters of inflaming racial tensions. Jews are leaders in all the other groups inflaming racial and ethnic tensions. Jews believe in that more than they believe in God.

Update: Andrew Anglin writes, mirrored from here:

Blaming “Russian trolls” for anything is like blaming ghosts or evil spirits for something. There has never been any evidence whatsoever that Russians are engaged in any kind of organized trolling campaigns.

I have personally been involved in organized trolling campaigns, and had my own actions attributed to Russians. So I know personally, as a matter of fact, they just make this stuff up without any evidence at all.

It’s extremely dehumanizing to be told that you don’t actually exist, and your opinions are fake opinions created by Russians.

Furthermore: if your political movement is so weak that it gets destroyed by people making fun of you on the internet, you just suck.

This “Russian troll” stuff is always an excuse for even stricter censorship. ...

Okay, so. Let’s say these are all Russians. There is no evidence and it doesn’t make any sense. But say it is all Russians.

What message are they sending when they say that democracy can be completely destroyed by people posting on the internet? What does that even mean?

If democracy is that weak – and the only solution to “save democracy” is mass censorship of anyone who questions liberal agendas – it seems to me we should choose a different form of government.

The Times article goes on and on for 1,500 more words about this fantasy story. Never do they cite a specific source that you can check or explain the process that was used to figure out all these anonymous accounts were secret Russian agents.

The NY Times used to be a big advocate of free speech. It is strange to see it now complaining that a few Russians posted some opinions on the internet.

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