Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Separating Sports by Sex

An article in The Atlantic, which has become a magazine for kooky left-wing ideas funded by the Steve Jobs fortune:
Separating Sports by Sex Doesn’t Make Sense

Though school sports are typically sex-segregated, a new generation of kids isn’t content to compete within traditional structures. ...

While the need to separate athletes by sex is still held firmly by many as a way to protect girls and women from harm, many people advocate for moving to a more integrated and inclusive approach. ...

Gender wasn’t the primary thing that was shaping the perceptions of who was a good athlete or not,” she said. But as long as laws and general practice of youth sports remain rooted in the idea that one sex is inherently inferior, young athletes will continue to learn and internalize that harmful lesson.

The History books will show the period of 1980-2020 as the golden age for girls sports. Strange Title IX interpretations forced colleges to promote girls sports, at the expense of boys sports.

No, the main reason for seqgregating girls in sports is not to separate them from harm. It is to provide girls with recreational opportunities consistent with their sex.

Now the leftists, egalitarians, and transgender activists propose to destroy all that. U do not think girls sports can be saved, as no one is even giving a proper defense of it.

Today's Left is determined to deny biological reality, and it is most obvious when looking at sex differences in sports.

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