Sunday, June 19, 2022

Mother does not want to be called Mother

The Manchester Guardian published an opinion essay saying that lesbians have a right to keep penises out of their vaginas:
If a lesbian only desires same-sex dates that’s not bigotry, it’s her right
Perhaps a real patriarchy would tell her that God made her vagina for male penises. No, she is getting pushback from those who think lesbians should accept female penises.

Two such people are quitting in protest:

Two trans journalists are pulling out of the Guardian’s Pride special coverage due to what they claim is “ingrained prejudice against trans women” by the newspaper, VICE World News has learned.

In a letter to the UK newspaper’s bosses seen by VCE World News, freelance journalists Freddy McConnell and Vic Parsons said they were declining all future work with the Guardian. They were commissioned to write pieces about their experiences of being trans for the paper’s upcoming Pride special in its G2 magazine.

They say they have a “moral duty to stand in absolute solidarity” with trans women and trans feminine people who are receiving the most negativity from the paper, adding they will “no longer write for The Guardian until it changes its trans-hostile and exclusionary stance.”

They have their own vaginas:
Transgender journalist Freddy McConnell is fighting the U.K. government to be listed as the father on his child’s birth certificate.

McConnell – whose experience with pregnancy as a transgender man was the subject of the documentary Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth – is now appealing a September 2019 High Court decision by the president of the court’s Family Division stating that McConnell has to be listed as the mother because he’s the one who gave birth to the child.

Though McConnell began testosterone treatments in April 2013 and had a chest reshaping surgery in 2016, he stopped hormones in order to get pregnant using a sperm donor.

I have wondered who a woman could give birth to a child, and object to being called a mother. I watched the video trailer. She apparently did not want a penis in her vagina, as she used a sperm donor. After giving birth, she went back to pretending to be a man.

The Guardian bends over backwards to try to please the LGBTQ+ crowd, and cannot do it. It is difficult to cater to mentally ill folks, because their demands do not make any sense.

I conclude from this that these folks have nothing substantial to complain about. If they did, they would not devote so much energy into such trivial things. And I think that their movement will self-destruct. It is just too crazy.

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