Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Mental Health Profession Is Warped

From an essay against Psychology:
The Mental Health Profession Is at a Crossroads Between Science and Politically-Biased Narratives ...

Take Ann*, for example. She was in a dire psychological situation. She was 16 and experienced explosive rage after being ejected from school after school. Her family were at the end of their tether. Ann told me she was plagued with violent and suicidal thoughts. Her parents were increasingly rejecting and hostile towards her. Social services (in effect) threw in the towel on her family. They wanted Ann placed in a ‘trauma-informed’ residential care unit and attending specialist education provision where the teachers were trained in ‘attachment‘ and ‘trauma-informed’. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) insisted that because of emerging parental dismissive attachment, ‘something’ must have happened to Ann in the past to cause her immense pain. A harsh spotlight fell on the parents. Sessions probed for trauma or adversity; these were blind alleys, leading to failed interventions. Professionals were single-minded and driven to look for trauma. Some, yet to be revealed significant childhood trauma was in the formulation for Ann, CAHMS assured me. The effect on the parents and Ann was devastating, worsening their relationships along with extreme parental anxiety. Her problems would resolve once adversity and trauma were revealed, then discussed and ‘attachment repair’ could occur. Who could argue with this appealing formulation?

This is just Jewish Freudian nonsense. The whole profession is sick, as it allows this thinking to dominate.

As the essay explains, Psychology has gotten more political than scientific.

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