Saturday, April 23, 2022

News Media Ignores Genuine Black Concerns

A Black man writes in Newsweek:
ew posed Black American respondents with an open-ended question: What is the most important issue is that your community is facing? And when it came to their answers, racism didn't crack the top five.

Chief among Black Americans' concerns were violence and crime, the economy, and housing. More Black Americans said they had no issues than listed racism as their top issue.

It is largely liberal Whites and Jews who have created and stoked racial issues.

Ann Coulter explains how Black crime has been way up since George Floyd and the decline in police enforcement, but the news media falsely tries to blame covid. Even Black motor vehicle deaths are sharply up.

California is moving towards paying Black slavery reparations, even though California never had Black slaves. They are partial inspired by the many reparation payments to Japanese residing in USA during WWII. The truth is that they were very well treated.

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