Saturday, January 08, 2022

The J6 Rioters were Led by Federal Agents

I hate to post conspiracy theories, but there is a lot of evidence that the Jan. 6 violence was instigated by federal agents. The only organizations found in the investigations are Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, and they were both infiltrated by FBI informants.

Real Clear Politics reports:

FNC's Will Cain reported an update Wednesday on Ray Epps, the guy from the January 6 riot that Rep. Massie asked Attorney General Garland about at a hearing in October.

"Interesting to hear the crowd begin to chant, 'Fed, Fed, fed[eral agent]' as he encourages them to storm the Capitol," Will Cain noted about the videos showing Epps in the gathering of pro-Trump protesters in Washington on January 5 and 6.

Cain: "Epps was on the front line between rioters and Capitol Police on January 6. Two days later, on January 8, the FBI placed Ray Epps on the Most Wanted list. He remained there until July 1st, which was a day after the New York Times reported that Epps had encouraged Trump supporters to breach the Capitol. But unlike almost every other person near the Capitol on January 6th, including people who didn't even enter the building or commit any violence, Ray Epps has never been charged with a crime. He hasn't even been arrested."

"So where has Ray Epps been? According to photos from the 'Daily Mail,' it appears Epps has been relaxing on his ranch outside of Phoenix, Arizona. The 'Daily Mail' asked him if he had involvement with the FBI," Cain reported. "He answered by yelling at reporters to get off his property."

Apparently Garland refused to say whether Ray Epps was a federal agent carrying out a false-flag riot.

Surely Garland and the feds know who Epps is. Why won't they tell us?

Also, Garland says that the US DoJ has 20,000 hours of video surveillance recordings. Why haven't they been released?

This is all smelling like the Mueller investigation, where it kept leaking hints that it was going to incriminate Trump as a Russian spy, and only admitted years later that it exonerated Trump early on.

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MikeAdamson said...

Trump wasn't exonerated.