Thursday, January 20, 2022

Trump Supporters Doubt some Leftist Narratives

The mainstream news media has been telling a narrative about BIPOCs. Resarch is finding that the people who reject the narrative also rejct other narratives about elections, and probably covid also.

The Wash. Post reports:

Since Trump’s election to office in 2016, scholars have carefully documented the relationship between racial attitudes and support for the former president. ...

These divisions over racial equality were closely related to perceptions of the 2020 presidential election and the Capitol attack. For example, among those who agreed that White people in the United States have advantages based on the color of their skin, 87 percent believed that Joe Biden’s victory was legitimate; among neutrals, 44 percent believed it was legitimate; and among those who disagreed, only 21 percent believed it was legitimate. Seventy percent of people who agreed that White people enjoy advantages considered the events of Jan. 6 to be an insurrection; 26 percent of neutrals described it that way; and only 10 percent who disagreed did so, while 80 percent of this last group called it a protest. And while 70 percent of those who agreed that White people enjoy advantages blamed Trump for the events of Jan. 6, only 34 percent of neutrals did, and a mere 9 percent of those who disagreed did.

I am surprised that the newspaper capitalizes White.

The George Floyd narrative sent Black homocide deaths up 53%.

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