Friday, July 05, 2019

Whitewashing of American history

Artnet news:
For decades, a series of murals illustrating the life of George Washington on the walls of a San Francisco high school has been the subject of heated debate. Some say the 13-panel painting, which depicts violence against Native Americans and slaves, should be taken down. Others believe the work of art, which was painted nearly 90 years ago by Russian-born artist Victor Arnautoff — a noted critic of the whitewashing of American history — is an invaluable teaching tool.

Last week, the city finally settled the issue. The San Francisco Board of Education voted unanimously to cover up the murals at George Washington High School — a project that will cost as much as $845,000 in taxpayer money. Not everyone is pleased with the decision. ...

The school board still has to decide whether it will paint over the mural or cover it with paneling. The latter option would cost between $600,000 and $845,000 and would be completed within two years, according to the Times. Painting, while ostensibly cheaper, would first necessitate an environmental impact study, which would run roughly $500,000. The timeline for this option is unclear.
The mural should have been destroyed a long time ago for being Commie propaganda. But paying $500k just to destroy it? Can't we do anything for reasonable cost anymore?

My guess is that there will be lawsuits over this, so that it will eventually cost $2M and 5 years. Or worse.

But apparently computer programming can still be done on the cheap. According to this article, Boeing 737s were crashing because it outsourced critical programming to $9 per hour Indian coders.

The revisionist history continues:
Thomas Jefferson Day has been canceled for Toxic Male Whiteness in Charlottesville, where Jefferson invented the American college campus with his landscape design for the University of Virginia.
So what American heroes are left? Not Martin Luther King, Jr., as he has been revealed to be a Commie fellow traveler and a philanderer, and even egged on a rape, if these sources are to be believed.

BTW, the NY Times has yet another Jewish rant about how Trump is like Hitler and how it is fascist to resist the demographic replacement of whites by non-whites. It concedes that Trump is not as bad as Hitler, but persists in the analogies nevertheless. It says Trump is not anti-Semitic, but he is interfering with Jewish plans to exterminate white gentiles. It is amazing how the mainstream media is now so open about such opinions.

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