Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Lefist opposition to Israel, explained

The NY Times reports:
On Tuesday, the House overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning the campaign, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. ...

Here are answers to some of the most difficult questions.
As usual, this Jewish newspaper acts as if it has the authority to tell everyone how to think.
Israel’s government has embraced two seemingly opposing views, boasting on the world stage that B.D.S. is having no effect while warning Israelis that it is a strategic threat. In domestic politics, exaggerating the threat of B.D.S. adds to the sense that Israel is besieged and that the Palestinians are not really interested in peacemaking, bolstering right-wing arguments for continued expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
Those things are probably all true. The BDS has done nothing, but it is a strategic threat because it ties Israeli/Jewish head in knots like nothing else.
Anti-Semitism has increased in Europe because of numerous factors, including globalization, populism, loss of national identity and the perceived oppression of Palestinians by Israel.
That is ridiculous. No one is anti-Semitic for any of those reasons. The anti-Semitism comes from the rise of Islam, which teaches that Jews are apes and pigs, and for increasing Jewish political and cultural influence, which is so contrary to European values.
But many Israelis and American Jews say it is, using the so-called three-Ds test to distinguish fair criticism of Israel from anti-Semitism: Does the criticism delegitimize Israel, apply a double standard or demonize it?
So says the newspaper that makes daily attempts to delegitimize America, apply double standards, and demonize non-Jews.

I do not agree with the BDS movement, or any of the motives behind it that are listed in this article. It is a kooky left-wing movement. A Jewish leftist writes:
B.D.S. has become a purity test of sorts for progressives in certain corners of American society — a defining part of what it means to be woke.
But I suspect that there is an additional motive: to drive a spike into Jewish Leftism. The Jews cannot defend against BDS unless they admit all sorts of things that they hate to admit.

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