Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Al Franken was railroaded

The New Yorker mag now admits that its reckless MeToo campaign has gone too far in the case of Al Franken. Kirsten Gillibrand is running for President based on her lynching of him in the Senate.

This whole MeToo movement is the most anti-Semitic thing I have ever seen. It has mostly leftist non-Jews who target leftist Jews with frivolous accusations. A weirdo leftist ideology prevents defense of these accusations.

The net effect is to destroy the careers of people like Al Franken. The public ignores the details, and just infers that they are perverts or worse.

I never like Franken anyway, but I think it is extremely unfair. Most of the accusations have very little credibility, and cannot be verified. Often they appear to be lies motivated by some personal grudge, political attack, or publicity seeking. Someday this will be seen as a strange period in history.

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