Monday, October 22, 2018

We need more identity politics

I sometimes post lists of things that I have changed my mind about.

Up until now, I always thought of identity politics as a bad things. One of the main things I detest about the Democrat Party is that it relies almost entirely on identity politics for it supporters.

The Republican try to appeal to all groups, with superior policies. Eg, Republicans supported Brett Kavanaugh because he is an apolitical follower of the law, while opposition was from political interest groups and identity politics. The Republicans try to stay above identity politics.

This just isn't going to work. It is hopeless to teach ethnic groups to vote other than with their ethnic identities. Blacks vote with blacks, Chinese vote with Chinese, Jews vote with Jews. It is just human nature. Whites are the only ones who do not vote their ethnic identities.

I cannot condone killing Jamal Khashoggi, but let's face it. He was working to exterminate his ethnic enemies. He was not an American, and would never be a real American. The Wash. Post only hired him because he hates white Christians. There is no reason for American to mourn his death.

Elizabeth Warren is apparently embarrassed to be white. She desperately needed some non-white credentials in order to gain status in the Democrat Party.

There is no chance of persuading the non-whites to abandon their anti-white politics. As I write this, I listen to an NPR Radio program that explains that Latinos can be expected to vote for whatever party is perceived as the anti-white party, and how that will be true for generations to come.

Khashoggi was living in the USA so that someday his grandkids could kill your grandkids.

If women are voting for female candidates just because they are female, then men should vote for male candidates, to help balance the voting.

There is something seriously wrong with the USA that being a white male is a political disadvantage.

This is crazy because 99% of American greatness is due to white men.

I now believe that the USA would be much better off if whites adopted identity politics.

CH writes:
Your Daily Ugly Truth: The Purpose Of Nationhood

Nations are in fact distinct geopolitical systems for privileging races and ethnicities. If the heritage stock of a nation isn’t privileged, then what is the point of the nation? It has failed its fundamental duty.

A nation which privileges all comers, from alien races and cultures, will lose the loyalty of the race of people which established the nation for the benefit of themselves and their posterity. It will become de-nationed, a nation in name only, divorced from the mystic chords which historically composed it.
This is right. The French nation is based on being French. Otherwise, what is it?

It the USA is to become a real nation again, then we need an American identity, with an American population that his proud of that identity and willing to defend it.

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