Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Trump is a nationalist, not a globalist

The Jews at the NY Times are attacking Pres. Trump again:
Mr. Trump’s opponents quickly denounced his comments, saying they were not-so-veiled appeals to racism and nativism; the word “globalist,” they said, appeals to anti-Semitism.

“The President of the United States openly identifies himself as a nationalist, calls for the jailing of his political opponents, attacks the press & cozies up to dictators, while Republicans in Congress stand idly by,” Robert Reich, a former labor secretary under President Bill Clinton, wrote on Twitter.
Trump is not trying to jail Hillary Clinton or other opponents. But many prominent Democrats advocate impeaching and jailing Trump.

The press attacks Trump more that any other person in my lifetime. And yet there is a complaint that Trump attacks the press?

Now they are saying that it is anti-Semitic to be an American nationalist, instead of a globalist. What they are really saying is that leftist Jews hate America. Professor David Gelernter explains it well in a WSJ article on The Real Reason They Hate Trump.

Jews are the only ones in the world who have a problem with nationalism. That is because nationalism to them means Zionism, and the superiority of the Chosen People. Their whole religion is based on promoting Jews, and cutting down non-Jews.

CNN is run by Jews, and reports:
White nationalism, which reared its ugly head in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year is organized under the principle that Caucasians are inherently superior and in order for society to truly prosper, the agenda of whites needs to be recognized as a first priority -- at the necessary expense of anyone who isn't white.
No, Jewish nationalism may be based on beliefs of superiority, but others are not. Almost every nation on Earth has a population that has some national identity that is not based on inherent superiority. If Italians root for Italians in the World Cup, it is not because they think Italians are inherently superior. It is because they identify with other Italians.

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