Tuesday, October 09, 2018

RIght-wingers now allowed in Germany

The far-left NY Times reports:
The entire affair is only one in a series of events that have marked a change in the public perception of the far right in Germany. Only two years ago, many right-wing politicians were still reluctant to officially endorse nationalist, anti-immigrant street movements such as Pegida. Now it is normal for not only Alternative for Germany politicians to back them officially, but even members of the putative political center to make shows of sympathy. Wolfgang Kubicki, vice chairman of the liberal Free Democratic Party, was quick to attribute “the roots of the riots” in Chemnitz to Ms. Merkel’s policy of admitting refugees and asylum seekers in 2015.

For decades, the right-wing elements in the German state never had the opportunity to cooperate with a major party that shares its views. Now they do.
This is great. To these leftists, "far right" means critical of importing millions of Moslem immigrants and refugees. Germany will never have a sensible policy until it at least allows public discussion of the issue.

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