Monday, August 13, 2018

Jews concerned about eliminationist rhetoric

I mentioned the NY Times hiring a white hater, and sure enough, Jews and Jewish publications are defending gte white hater.
In defense of Sarah Jeong

Why Andrew Sullivan and the conservative media are wrong to call the New York Times’s latest hire “racist” for attacking white people.
He says Jews are not really white. Also, Jews are not really marginalized either, as they are wealthier than white people.

He says it is politically acceptable to say whites run America, as Jews like himself believe in complaining about white people. But if you point out that Jews run America, the Jews will accuse you of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, and try to ruin you.

The reason for this double standard, he explains, is that Jews have a religious belief in pretending that they are a marginalized group.

He says Jews have "experienced the consequences of actual eliminationist rhetoric firsthand", and whites have not, so whites cannot complain when Jews advocate for the elimination of white nations.

Not all Jews use eliminationist rhetoric about whites, of course. But it is the vast majority. Of the Jews at Jewish-dominated papers like the NY Times, it is nearly 100%. Almost every day it has articles promoting or celebrating policies that will eliminate white majorities in the USA and elsewhere.

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