Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The killer was held accountable

NPR Radio News reported,
a couple of days ago:
The African-American director's documentary tells the personal tale of his brother's killing by a white man. Michel Martin talks to Ford, the first openly transgender director nominated for an Oscar.

MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: Finally today, we want to tell you about one more contender for an Oscar tonight. It's a documentary about the death of William Ford Jr.. Before you knew the name Trayvon Martin or Tamir Rice or Eric Garner or the names of other unarmed black men and boys who've died violent deaths for which no one was held accountable, William Ford Jr., a teacher about to become a police officer, was killed after an altercation with a white employee at a car repair shop near his home on Long Island, N.Y. An all-white grand jury declined to charge him for shooting Ford.
George Zimmerman certainly was held accountable for the death of Trayvon Martin. He was vilified by the news media and President Barack Obama, investigated, indicted, jailed, and put on a nationally-televised trial for murder.

After hearing overwhelming evidence that Martin was trying to beat Zimmerman to death, the jury unanimously agreed that he was not guilty.

Yet the white-haters still try to make a martyr out of Martin. They are essentially saying that it is okay for blacks to go around viciously beating and injuring others. Saying this is much more offensive than anything that I've heard a white supremacist say.

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