Sunday, March 11, 2018

MeTooism will be destroying marriages

Whenever there is a successful social movement, we have to ask how far it will go.

Many of the programs on Netflix openly promote miscegenation. I watched one where the FBI sent an undercover agent to seduce a pretty white woman, and it sent a black man! The woman was bisexual, and they just assumed that she liked blacks. In another, the white Marvel superhero Jessica Jones seduces a big strong black man, and it is implied that no white man could similarly satisfy her.

There is a girl who won a girls wrestling championship by taking steriods, and it was allowed because she claimed to be transitioning to a boy.

Where is MeToo headed? Read this Vox essay:
We need to talk about sexual assault in marriage

Eight years into our marriage, sitting in a therapist’s office with my husband, I mustered all my courage and said my deepest, darkest truth: “When we have sex, I feel like I’m being violated.” The unwanted sex at times made me sick: Once I had to run straight from bed to the bathroom, where I retched into the toilet.

I lived every evening dreading the signals of my husband’s desire. I bargained my way out of sex as often as I could. I gloried in being sick enough to have the right to refuse.

I read a book to distract myself for as long as I could while he did the thing he needed to do.

The majority of sexual encounters in America take place in marriage…. Do we believe there is no painfully “bad sex,” coercion, or sexual assault in marriage?
I believe that prostitution will soon be considered the only morally acceptable form of heterosexual activity. Only explicitly-paid prostitution is fully consensual, according to newer definitions of consent.

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