Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Anglin defends Roy Moore, is censored

The Atlantic mag has an expose of Andrew Anglin:
“I am not actually a ‘Neo-Nazi White Supremacist,’ nor do I know what that is,” he wrote in mid-September. He claimed that his violent rhetoric was never sincere but simply a way to mock those who slap a Nazi label on anyone who “stands up for white people’s rights” or “refuses to believe the stupid lies about Hitler” or rejects the “alleged Holocaust” narrative. Anglin now shared what he said had been his true editorial approach all along: “Ironic Nazism disguised as real Nazism disguised as ironic Nazism.”

Five days later, he posted about “the world being ruled either by reptiles from another dimension or some other type of reptilian or insectoid race of aliens.” Where the irony started and stopped was hard to know. ...

At times while tracking Anglin, I couldn’t help but feel that he was a method actor so committed and demented, on such a long and heavy trip, that he’d permanently lost himself in his role. ...

Who was he if not the king of the Nazi trolls?
He is indeed the king of the Nazi trolls. His Daily Stormer site is back up, but it is regularly shut down and can be hard to find sometimes.

It is clear that Anglin is not really a Nazi, but believes that he would be called a Nazi anyway, so he embraces the term for rhetorical purposes. It is also clear that he does not believe that his political enemies should be allowed to define the boundaries of acceptable discussion.

He is sometimes accused of making violent threats, such as this:
Like many young men on the extreme right, Anglin hadn’t just given up on the idea of the United States as a liberal democracy. He wanted to burn it to the ground. “There is rapidly approaching a time when in every White Western city, corpses will be stacked in the streets as high as men can stack them,” he wrote. “And you are either going to be stacking or getting stacked.”
This is exaggerated, but I do not take it as a threat. If trends continue, I do believe that we are headed for race and religion wars. Open discussion of the issues might be the best way to avoid war.

To give a flavor of Anglin's posts, here is a current rant:
So the situation is, Roy Moore got his money in order by the time he was 32, then he went cruising for a teenage virgin wife. He was doing interviews with these women.

This isn’t weird.

So then they throw in this 14-year-old who says he grabbed her by the pussy, then add some other lying whore.

And based on the accusation alone, all of these cuckolds come out and say he needs to drop out.

Could anything be more obvious than this?

The one guy who is standing up to the establishment just happens to also be the one guy who is a sexual deviant?

What the hell are the chances of that, statistically?

CROWN PRINCE CUCK Paul Ryan of course rushed out right with KING CUCK Mitch McConnell to condemn. ...

I don’t care if this man was fondling jailbait. No one cares about that. What we care about is the fact that our country is being destroyed, and that Roy Moore is set to be the first guy in decades in the Senate that is going to stand up for us. Period.

And he is going to win.

And then revenge begins.
You might not agree with him, but he is posting worthwhile opinions. His site is probably the most censored site in the history of the internet, among sites being censored for political opinions.

Update: Anglin responds. Funny, as usual.
The piece is written by an obsessive failure at life named Luke O’Brien who spent this year tracking and harassing my family and people I went to high school with. I’ve previously published some of the threats, though most of them were over the phone. What he would say is “if you don’t talk to me, you’re protecting him and that makes you part of the story.” That is a threat of defamation.

He had a vendetta against me because when he was writing an article on the Alt-Right for Huffing Post, I published emails where he faked statements from the FBI, which was presumably illegal. ...

Obviously, the article is a product of the Jew editors. The Atlantic is an entirely Jewish publication.

The Editor-in-Chief, Jeffery Goldberg, even does Atlantic events in a synagogue.
The article does everything to try to make Anglin look bad, but some of it is so over-the-top ridiculous that it give the impression that The Atlantic has been trolled. The reader will be impressed that Anglin is important enough to be the cover story.

Update: See also Heartiste, who notes that Anglin is blamed for dumping a girlfriend in high school, when everyone said that the girl was a slut.

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