Saturday, November 11, 2017

Romney cucks out again

Here is the attack on Roy Moore:
Three other women said Moore asked them out on dates as teenagers but did not allege forced sexual contact.

Moore and his campaign denied the allegations.
What did Romney say?

In a tweet Friday, Romney said the idea that one is innocent until proven guilty is “for criminal convictions, not elections.”

“I believe Leigh Corfman,” Romney said. “Her account is too serious to ignore. Moore is unfit for office and should step aside.” ...

“He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of,” McCain said.
The chief accuser says that she went out on a date with Moore 40 years, and he touched her clothes inappropriately.

Romney and McCain get creepier every day.

First, very few ppl can remember an incident accurately from 40 years ago. They often think that they can, but science shows that human memory does not work that well.

Second, it is not possible to read an account and decide whether it is credible. Again, experiments show that humans get fooled easily. She could have made it up, or heard it somewhere, or presented a composite of awkward dates she experienced. All of these sound the same as a truthful account.

Third, do you really want a society where lives can be ruined and political battles reversed because of some 40-year-old accusation of some rude behavior?

We are living in another Salem-type witch-hunt hysteria. The sharks smell the blood in the water, and have ruined Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, and others. In some cases, the accusations are trivial even if true. In most cases, the allegations were many years in the past, and unverifiable. There is a reason that we have a statute of limitations.

Consider Louis C.K. He apparently sometimes asked women on dates if he could masturbate in front of them. If she said no, then he didn't do it.

If you think that such behavior is intrinsically immoral or sinful, then you will disapprove of Louis C.K. But the big majority of his critics have no such beliefs, and advocate for rights to unusual sexual practices between consenting adults. If so, then it is should always be acceptable to ask consent for some sexual practice.

Louis CK issued an apology statement:
The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly.
This is like a beautiful woman seducing a man, and then saying that she wielded her power irresponsibly.

Perhaps we are headed to a day when consensual relations are forbidden if the woman admires the man, or if the man thinks the woman is beautiful.

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