Sunday, August 27, 2017

Stormfront shut down

The Google censors are now going after social science lectures with uncomfortable facts.

The internet domain censors have shut down another political site:
Stormfront, one of the internet’s oldest and most popular white supremacist sites, has been booted off its web address of more than two decades amid a crackdown against hate sites.

The address went dark on Friday, and publicly available information current lists its domain status as “under hold,” a category reserved for websites under legal dispute or slated for deletion, the USA Today network first reported. ...

The Daily Stormer’s publisher, Andrew Anglin, wrote on article Aug. 12 mocking a woman killed hours earlier while protesting a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, 32-year-old Heather Heyer. The Stormer was subsequently booted by domain registrars GoDaddy and Google, and attempted to relaunch at more than a half-dozen address this week before relegating itself to the so-called dark web where it’s subject to less restrictions.
Stormfront has a white supremacist reputation, but it was really just a message board where anyone could freely post whatever messages he wanted. Yes, there were a lot of racially offensive messages, but as far as I know there was nothing illegal and all opinions were allowed.

It is a little disturbing to see a lively debate on whether Jews do more harm than good, but do you believe in free speech or not?

I think that I once posted some comments on that site, on a matter that had nothing to do with race. To me, it was just another discussion site and I appreciated the fact that a free-wheeling unmoderated discussion was allowed. With the site now done, I guess my comments are gone also. What is the justification for that?

I don't think that this censorship is going to work. A lot of ppl who never heard of these sites are going to conclude that the sites must be telling the truth. The authoritarians are usually only interested in censoring the truth, as the truth is dangerous. Nobody cares about nonsense sites.

If the Google and ICANN censors get away with this, they will not stop there. They keep going until they censor all the pro-conservative, pro-Trump, and pro-Christian sites, until somebody stops them.

Update: A free speech site reports:
While identity politics has taken the mass media echo chamber by storm, the vast majority of Americans are opposed to adopting “hate speech” punishments like that of Germany – and are willing to die to protect their freedom of speech, according to new polling data from Rasmussen Reports.

The polling by Rasmussen Reports, conducted by telephone and online, found that an astonishing 85% of American adults believe the right to free speech takes precedence over protecting people from hateful words. In fact, out of those surveyed, only 8% thought that ensuring people aren’t offended was more important that unadulterated free speech.

Perhaps more importantly, 73% of Americans agreed with Voltaire’s famous quote — “I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” — and believe that the right to free speech is so important that they would be willing to die to defend a person’s free speech rights.
This is reassuring, but Si Valley is at war with it:
As of this writing, numerous right-wing websites and personalities have been banned from PayPal, Twitter, Paypal, Stripe, Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp, Soundcloud, Uber, and countless other platforms. To make matters worse, domain registrars and website maintenance companies such as CloudFlare and GoDaddy have no-platformed The Daily Stormer, keeping the site offline since Sunday. ...

By now it’s clear that every corporation in Silicon Valley hates you and your ideas. They will demonetize you, demotivate you from using their sites, and then finally deplatform you, all to preserve a cherished agenda which is having a mighty hard time standing up to the truth.
I expect that soon mainstream Trump-supporting sites will be hassled by these Si Valley companies.


Unknown said...

I'm a Storm Front refugee. I feel like I just got of the boat from Dunkirk.
I hope this is England. P.S. Storm front banned Swastikas in incons years ago. Most
"NAZI" sympathizers on Storm Front were FBI/Police/ADL infiltrators.
As an X-Berlin Brigade intelligence trainee I can tell you James Alex Fields is some body's intelligence operative. That alone tells you the Charlotesville killing was a set up.
It is well known that intelligence operators come in family groups.
It appears likely James father was some sort of intel/undercover police person.
The family name is reasonably common. One intel operative in my platoon was named Fields.
Also you all know of Sally Fields, actress and W.C. Fields, old time actor. I've know other Fields.
When an intel agency wants an operative to disappear, they fake his death. So when you read a local obituary that a John Johnson or Marvin Miller has died under age 50 you know they are quite likely undercover DEA agents, CIA, FBI etc.
Also James Jr. enlisted in the Army and was then kicked out. That's another indicator, beyond his dad probably being an intel agent.
Intel agencies recruit people with military training, who are few since the end of the draft. Also they sometimes arrange a recruit to get a less than honorable discharge. This is to "show" that the intel recruit is in disfavor with the Gov. and can not possible be working for the CIA, FBI, Military intelligence etc.
Thirdly James Jr.'s mother, Maiden name Bloom, appears to be Jewish. For James to parade around as a NAZI makes no sense unless he was an undercover infiltrator.
Fourthly he got a job as a truck driver. Intel agencies use truck drivers as courier's etc.
I've personally know of about 3 people in this category.
Fifthly James Jr. also got a job as a security guard, which intel agencies like as further training/job experience.
There's more but this is enough for now.
Think about this, is it more likely that and individual "NAZI" would kill someone or that an undercover operator for an NGO/Russia/Venizuela/North Korea or anybody we've bombed would hire someone to kill, blame it on the White Nationalist and stir up strife up to an including civil war in the U.S.?
I just got back from D.C. doing politics. I see the Lee statue in Charllotesville is now covered over. I learned a bit else on the trip but maybe should have taken a vacation to Miami instead. It's closer and motels are cheap there in summer.

Roger said...

Interesting. It is also possible that Fields just panicked, and wasn't trying to hurt anyone.